Alumidock has been manufacturing waterfront equipment for over 65 years in Randolph NY.  It all started back in Baltimore Maryland when Metallic Ladder was first established in 1955. At that time Metallic Ladder was established by a group of individuals manufacturing quality aluminum ladders. Aluminum at the time was a new material introduced into the ladder market; wooden ladders were used primarily but were quite heavy and bulky. So Metallic Ladder started manufacturing quality lightweight durable ladders. During the late fifties, Metallic Ladder decided to relocate to Randolph NY due to new ownership.

                                                         Old Alumidock                                                               Old Floating Dock

With the new ownership in Randolph NY came new products such as a new line of Waterfront Equipment. The birth of Alumidock began when one of the owners was tired of installing and removing his heavy wooden dock in Chautauqua Lake. He decided to modify scaffold planks with legs and design a unique hinge feature that would allow him to easily install and removal the dock. From that point on the Aluminum Leg Dock was invented and caught on due to its portability and easy installation and removal.  The unique hinge feature resonated for other new products to emerge such as stairways and gangways.

Alumidock has stayed true to its motto for its entire waterfront product which is “Be Safe…Save Time…Have Fun”!  The manufacturing process has stayed same. All of Alumidock’s products are still handmade in Randolph NY and the aluminum extrusions are also made in the US.