Stationary Docks

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$508.00-$760.00 Per Section

Our Stationary Docks are lightweight, durable, and require minimal maintenance. This, along with their long life and easy installation and removal, makes our dock equipment a very appealing purchase. From the individual lake front homeowner to a large commercial marina, our Aluminum Stationary Dock system is a wise investment.

Aluminum Docks Pricing Per Section

Unique Hinged Connection

The unique hinged connection feature of our aluminum docks allow for simple, easy dock installation and removal.  In most cases this can be accomplished by two individuals in only a matter of minutes. This easy "out of the water" dock installation and removal feature permits a much longer dock season where early spring installation and late fall removal are desirable.

Dock Hinge Connection

This system also has many useful accessories from mooring cleats to double aluminum handrails. Please contact us for a complete line of optional accessories to meet all of your needs.

Easy Installation and Removal

Aluminum Docks, Easy Installation and Removal

Compact Storage

Aluminum Docks Compact Storage

Powder Coat Decking Options

White Powder Coated Decking

Durable 6000 Series Marine Grade Aluminum

Alumidock Decking

Various Dock Sizes  

Dock Sections

Dock Accessories

Alumidock Accessories

Endless Dock Configurations

Endless Dock Configurations


Endless Possibilities

Straight Dock

4' Wide Dock | $2,650.00-$2,950.00QUOTE                                                                       

32" Wide Dock | $1,958.00 -$2,100.00QUOTE                                                                       

Straight Aluminum Dock

"L" Dock 

4' Wide Dock | $3,599.00-$3,800.00 | QUOTE

32" Wide Dock | $2,733.00-$3,033.00 | QUOTE

"L" Dock Configuration

"T" Dock 

4' Wide Dock |$4,548.00-$4,748.00 | QUOTE  

32" Wide Dock |$3,508.00-$3,708.00 | QUOTE

"T" Aluminum Boat Dock

Platform Dock 

4' Wide Dock |$4,417.00-$4,617.00 | QUOTE

32" Wide Dock |$3,661.00-$3,861.00 | QUOTE

"L" Platform Aluminum Boat Dock



Love Alumidock! We have a camp on Brant Lake in the Adirondacks and had a heavy steel floating dock which was unstable and required us to hire a team to put it in and take it out each season. I…

Joe Gensheimer Dock Pic

I purchased 192' of dock with platform (L) shape at the end,
along with a set of stairs. The quality of their product is top
of the line from the design to the installation. I picked…

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