Stair Wall Platforms


Our stair wall platforms allow for easy, convenient, secure access for waterfront properteries that have seawalls. No welding required because the platforms bolt to the wall using a support bracket and two 2" support tubes. When using our stair lifting mechasim, you cam easily lower and raise at your convenience. 

Your best convenient option to access your waterfront and keeping your stair from harms way!

Hardware is not included

Stair Wall Platforms Features: 

  • 36" Handrails with midrail 
  • Anti skid decking 
  • Support angle (bolts to the wall) 
  • Pair of support tubes (bolts to wall) 

Stair Wall Platform Diagram


Stair Wall Platforms, Left Exit  Stair Wall Platforms, Right Exit

*Gate is not included please call for quote*

Model # B Exit Side  Description Price
AS-WPA-L 36"  42"  Left  Stair Wall Platform Assembly $1,280.00
AS-WPA-R 36"  42"  Right Stair Wall Platform Assembly $1,280.00
AS-LM NA NA NA Stair Lifting Mechanism $972.00

Lifting Mechanism is sold separately