Stair Platforms


Aluminum Stair Platform          Aluminum Stair Platforms

We provide quality stair platforms if you don't have a seawall or deck. Our stair platforms require very little assembly with no bolting or welding required for easy installation! The stair platforms will you save time and money from building a deck or concrete pad. Another turn solution key! 

The handrails on both sides are included and the drive pipes as to anchor the platforms into the ground. 


  • 42" Handrails with mid-rail 
  • Anti-skid decking 
  • 2-pair drive pipes for anchoring 
  • 1-pair drive plates 
  • 6000 series durable, non corrosive aluminum 

Aluminum Stair Platform


Model # (A) Platform Length (B) Platform Width Price
AS-P-36-48 48" 36"  $1,244.00
AS-P-36-72 72" 36" $1,646.00
AS-P-48-48 48" 48" $1,278.00
AS-P-48-72 72" 48" $1,727.00