Love Alumidock! We have a camp on Brant Lake in the Adirondacks and had a heavy steel floating dock which was unstable and required us to hire a team to put it in and take it out each season. I looked into all the aluminum docks out there and the choices I found were either cheaply made Chinese docks or much more expensive than Alumidock. I ordered my dock in May, with an expected delivery at the end of June. Unexpectedly my brother-in-law offered me his powerboat to replace my old beat-up one, but I had to get it in the water by June 20. I called Alumidock and Patrick worked hard to get the delivery date moved up. We received the dock the evening of June 17, got the first section in June 18, and had the entire dock installed in time for lots of red wine at 5pm on June 19. My sister (65) and I (68) got most of the dock installed easily, and even more easily finished up with the help of my brother-in law (65).
The dock is excellent. Doesn't move, and supports an amazing amount of weight (as you can see in the one picture with over a ton of folks on the dock. We love it!!

Happy Alumidock Customers



Joe Gensheimer Dock Pic