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Having Fun on a Alumidock

Spring is near so now is the time to prepare your cottage for the summer.  There are several tasks for getting your cottage ready for a fun and safe summer. Cleaning, gardening, moving outdoor appliances, furniture, and last but not least, installing your old wooden dock. Yes, the dock that has caused countless frustrating and back breaking hours of installation resulting in a loss of fun family time. We at Alumidock have a solution for your dock problem. Our aluminum dock system is designed for ease of installation and removal. Here are some things to consider with our aluminum dock system to save you time.

Unique Hinge Connection

Hinge Connection

We at Alumidock have developed a unique hinge connection for our stationary dock product. The dock sections connect with hinge bars and dock hinge pins. The dock connection consists of one dock section with hinge bars and the other with hinge pins that insert into the hinge bars. This connection allows for the dock sections to come together for an easier and more ergonomic dock installation.

All in One Dock Frame Design 

Most of the aluminum and wooden dock frame designs do not have the decking fastened to them. So that means another step is involved for the dock installation process. The need to go back to the shore and insert and fasten the decking onto the dock frame can be quite an exhausting process, especially if you have a long dock system. Our dock sections do not require this process, the dock sections have an anti-skid aluminum decking fastened to the frame. Don’t worry if you think our dock sections will be too heavy to carry and handle, our 32” wide dock only weighs 45 pounds and our largest 5’ wide dock weighs 90 pounds.  


Both the unique hinge connection and the all in one dock frame will save you time and ease for your dock installation, so you can spend more time enjoying the water and your family. Click here for more information on our aluminum docks