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Compact Storage

Like many aluminum dock systems out there in the market, the roll in dock systems have become popular for ease of installation and removal. But the roll in dock system may not be the best choice for your lakefront home. Depending on how many feet of dock you’ll need, the roll-in docks can become large and heavy to handle, store, and may affect the aesthetics to your backyard.

Property Size and Equipment 

You may not have the property size to store a roll-in dock system in your backyard. The length of the sections can be up to 16’ long or more and can be too large to store in your backyard. Also stacking up the dock section may not be an option if you don’t have the proper equipment, enough people, or the dock manufacture does not recommend stacking for storage. Some rolling dock systems may be too heavy to remove after the lake bottom has settled over the summer. The system may require winches or a vehicle to remove the dock. Also if you don’t have the property size a vehicle can be difficult to pull out the dock system.

Compact Storage with Sectional Dock 

With our aluminum sectional dock, the sections can be stacked allowing for compact storage. Thus the backyard is still a backyard not a plethora of docks. Also, consider your dock system will spend more time out of the water than in the water. So if you’re in the market for a new dock, keep in mind how you want your backyard to look and what does it take to remove and store your dock for the season. Click here for more information on our dock systems