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Boat Dock Configuration

Like all recreational products, dock configurations reflect your waterfront lifestyle and needs.  What do you tend to do on the dock? Fishing, boating, swimming, or just relaxing? Also the lake environment, boat type, quantity, family size, and furry friends are all deciding factors on your dock configuration.

Lake and Boat Environment 

Boat access will determine the total length of the dock system. Depending on the type of boat, you will typically need at least 3 feet of water depth for your boat. For example you may have to go out 80 feet until you reach 2 to 3 feet of water. Also check with your lake regulations on how many feet of dock you’re permitted.

Straight Docks vs Platform Docks

A straight dock configuration is the most basic and economical dock configuration people choose when they just want to access their boats or to fish. Platform options such as “L” and “T” configurations are available for dock users who tend to congregate at the end of the dock and prefer to have more room to access their boats. Also depending on the lake environment dock platforms may shield your boat from the winds and boat wakes.  Ask yourself how much time will you be spending on the dock with your family? Also how many family members will be on the dock?  Consider our larger 8’ x 8’ platform option for larger family gatherings or a smaller 5’ x 8’ platform.  Also we offer custom dock configurations should you have a unique waterfront application. Our staff is here to help you make your future dock system a fun and memorable experience.