Aluminum Waterfront Docks and Dock Equipment

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Most Frequent Asked Questions When Buying a Dock

1.      What’s your standard lead time? 2-3 weeks

2.      Where are you located? We’re located in Western NY. Our address is 41 South Washington St., Randolph NY 14772.

3.      How long has Alumidock been in business? We have has producing waterfront equipment for 60 years for Randolph, NY and surrounding areas.

4.      How much does 8 foot dock section weigh?  Please see below

32" x 8'=45 lbs.

4' x 8'=75 lbs.

5' x 8'=90 lbs.

5.      How deep of water can the dock can be used in? We recommend a max depth of 7’ of water

6.      Can I install the dock myself?Yes, but we recommend a minimum of two people in order to install the dock.

7.      What type of aluminum do you use?  6000 series  aluminum

8.      Does the dock overheat in the summer sun?No, the aluminum does not overheat due to the airflow underneath the dock.

9.      Do you sell direct? Yes we do sell in areas where we don’t have dealers present. Please click here to view our dealers.

10.  How do you ship your dock sections? We ship via common carrier freight

11.  How will my dock hold up to the winter? When removed from the water they are capable to be stacked up and should hold up very well in the winter.

12.  Do you have a warranty? Yes we have a 5 year warranty

13.  Do you offer replacement parts? Yes we offer a wide selection of replacement parts

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