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Aluminum Dock Accessories

The details and accessories of a product can make a difference especially with your new aluminum dock. The accessories to compliment your waterfront lifestyle are a must for your new dock system.  A plain dock will still provide access to the water but a dock with accessories that match your waterfront needs will enrich your dock experience.

Boat Protection

Boat fenders are highly recommended if you’re using a boat near the dock. The rugged commercial marine grade rubber will help protect your boat and dock from harm. The cost of our boat fenders can save you a great deal of money from repairs. Our boat fenders are adjustable for your desired height and easily attach to the leg of the dock. It’s an important investment to maintain your waterfront equipment.

Water Entry 

Consider an aluminum stair if you have younger children, elderly or furry family members. As opposed to standard dock ladders, stairs are a safer and easier approach for your family. Our aluminum stairs have handrails on both sides and has anti-skid treads to provide a safer access to the water. Also, the pitch of the stair provides an easier and more comfortable approach stepping in and out of the water.  Also, consider where you would like the stair to be on the dock. The deeper the water the longer the stair would have to be, thus increasing the cost of the stair. Consider a medium water depth access for your stair.


If you’re concerned for members walking on the dock safely then consider a handrail for your dock. We offer handrail systems to ensure a safer entry for your dock access. The handrail system can be ordered with or without a mid-rail. Also, don’t worry about a hard time with the installation process, our handrail system can be easily installed and removed like our aluminum dock system.  For more information on our dock product click here.