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Aluminum Dock with all aluminum decking

Today in the dock industry there are many dock choices. One of the biggest choices when buying a dock is choosing aluminum or wooden dock. Wooden docks cost less, but in time they may rack up maintenance expenses, labor, and valuable summertime. Both docks have their advantages and disadvantages.

Virtually Maintenance Free

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Wooden docks may look nicer to people who prefer a more natural look.  The natural wood look comes with a price to maintain it. Depending on the wood type and environment you may have to stain the deck surface to keep it maintained. Also, if you have a large dock system the cost and time staining it would be expensive. With Aluminum docks there is no staining required, the marine aluminum deck surface is corrosion resistant. Unlike the wooden dock the aluminum dock will not rut, warp, or chip.


When you’re installing and removing a seasonal dock, wood tends to be very heavy and hard to move. Due to the weight, wooden docks can require more individuals to install and remove each season. Depending on the type and size, a 4’ x 8’ aluminum dock section with legs only weighs 91 pounds which makes it easier for installation and removal. Wood docks with a galvanized steel frame and legs can weigh up to 200 pounds a section. If you’re installing the dock system yourself consider how many people you have available and how much time you have. Installing your dock for your upcoming fun summer should not require back breaking labor. Click here for more information on our aluminum docks