• Floating Docks with White Powder Coat Finish
  • Aluminum Floating Dock with boat slips
  • Aluminum Floating Docks with Kayaks
  • Gangway Boat Floating Dock
  • Gangway with Aluminum Floating Docks

Floating Docks

$1,642.00-3,965.00 Per Section

Our floating aluminum marine dock systems are lightweight, stable, and easily assembled with simple fasteners. Multiple sizes and widths are available for you to choose from. Floating docks are versatile, portable and are perfectly suited for a number of marine applications including swim docks or rafts, boat docks and launches, fishing piers and more.

  • Lightweight design for ease of installation and removal 
  • Multiple sizes and widths are available 
  • Modular design for versatile dock configurations 
  • Virtually maintenance-free 
  • Low profile with only 13" high freeboard 
  • Rigid coupling or self-adjusting hinges provide for versatile layout options 
  • Solid marine grade Styrofoam core for increased floatation and stability 
  • No splinters, staining, or painting